Welcome Healers

Where do healers get help?  Many healers are stressed and do not take the time to balance their own lives.  Some are specialists and have a limited number of tools and don't know of resources nearby.  Included under the umbrella of 'healer' are teachers, life coaches, writers, entertainers, psychics, mediums and any other light worker type who is part of creating a better world.  AND, if you are not YET a 'healer' - it would be a joyful pleasure to get you on that path

A Healer's Healer

JoyRae loves working with healers - to  help them grow, renew and recharge when the batteries run down, when the timing is right for them to move to the next level or when their lives become out of balance. 

Healers feel comfortable with JoyRae and know she is truly there to assist them - it's part of JoyRae's job to help create more healers and to assist healers.  As a master healer with a diverse background in many human dynamics career segments prior to receiving a powerful healing activation in 1996 - JoyRae is a sage mentor and soul coach and can navigate a wide spectrum of business and personal issues.

More and more healers need assistance with transitioning into the higher dimensions amid the overwhelming 3D chaos. 

Multidimensional Tools & Techniques

Your Customized Expansion & Renewal Will Include The Perfect Selection of These Components:

  • Deep Soul Integration
  • Cellular Healing, Renewal
  • Hypnotherapy/NLP
  • Past Life and Soul Journey
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Creative Exercises
  • Life Skills
  • Practical Tools

















Private Weekend Intensive & Sessions

Custom agenda based on your own unique background, gifts, goals, challenges.

A sampling of focus points - a la carte:

  • Biochemistry - the food link
  • Fitness - physical status
  • Emotional Balance
  • Mental Clarity
  • Clear karma
  • Spiritual Alignment

Schedule options:

  • 90 Minute Sessions
  • Two full days in an office setting
  • Three days - typically a weekend

Your Soul Knows What You Need

Whichever approach is right for you, your soul and subconscious is ready and knows exactly what will best serve your renewal and expansion.

You only need to say yes to this next step of your journey . .  we will do the rest.