Healers Benefit In Many Ways

There are so many types of healing, so many gifted and talented people who have chosen the path of healing.  They do wonderful work in their own area of specialty.  But they GIVE so much . .  and even though they are strong and very conscious, there are areas in their daily life/history that can limit how much more effective they could potentially be.

With all of the challenges in our world today - it becomes very difficult to navigate the 3rd & 4th dimensions - while we merge into the 5th dimension.  Many of us are empaths and feel all disharmony around us.

These are a sample of the ways healers have benefited from HealerPower sessions/intensives with JoyRae.  (more entries added soon)

Medical Doctor Gains HolisticTools

During a 4 day intensive, I experienced multiple modalities of  personal healing - including energy sessions, learned medical Qigong, received Reiki I, II, III attunements and learned many other holistic tools for expanding my general medical practice in Canada - to include a more holistic approach.   HM, M.D.

Anesthesiologist At University Medical Center

As an anesthesiologist at a major medical center I was profoundly aware of the importance of my role in keeping patients safe during surgical procedures, which is the reason I took the Reikigong workshop.  The result is that I feel confident, stable and balanced while performing my job.

New Healer Advances Rapidly On New Path

After learning about energy healing from a former Reikigong student, I  had a session with JoyRae, then took the Reikigong workshop.  Since then, I've received additional sessions and coaching; I've experienced amazing awareness of my newly discovered medical empath abilities and results for my clients. 

Massage Therapist Empowered & Expanded

My  massage practice is very successful - there were various blockages which I could not manage alone. JoyRae facilitated restoration of my hearing, healing of my hips, repair after a brain injury and a huge integration of higher vibrational energy - toward empowerment and more success with my practice.